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Constellations are a solution-focused way of resolving seemingly intractable personal, relationship, family and organisational difficulties. Constellations can help those that are seeking help with a range of different issues that seem resistant to change, including:-

relationship difficulties with partners; divorce and separation; difficulties between parents and children; family rifts; bereavement and loss; persistent behavioural problems, including addictions and compulsions; childhood sexual and physical abuse; trauma; persistent emotional symptoms (depression, anxiety, rage etc); isolation and not belonging.

(both in person and online)

I offer courses and workshops that run throughout the year. For dates at various locations: See workshops.

Bespoke one to one.

I also offer One-to-one (both in person and online) sessions. This approach can also be effectively utilised in individual session. Using a variety of media to explore the family dynamics, this can be a powerful form of therapy. Effective change can be made in a small number of sessions; for some people, one meeting can be sufficient. I offer this work in my Brixton office in South London.

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